FAST-PASS 7 Visitor Management System

FAST-PASS 7 visitor management acts as a front line deterrent, mitigating the opportunity for undesirables to act on their intentions! The system is easy to use and completes the process in seconds without any hindrance to the flow of commerce. FAST-PASS 7 is the Industry Leader in Electronic Identity and Visitor Management Systems that rapidly identifies, captures and logs contractors, employees, visitors and vendors. FAST-PASS 7 system can cross check against internal watch lists that the customer would create identifying visitors based on protocols defined by the user. Once cleared, a photo badge is instantly printed designating expiration and final destination. Additionally, the system generates an electronic audit trail of all activity that can be printed, emailed or stored for later retrieval by management or investigative reports.

FAST-PASS 7 Visitor Management System

In response to our current landscape, the new version of FAST-PASS 7 is a major release written from the ground up with new technologies that provide a solid foundation for addressing compliance and security concerns.

Frontline Protection!

SISCO software products are the solution of choice for Cruise Lines, Education, Healthcare, Construction, Corporations, Military, Government and Law Enforcement Agencies. SISCO Identity Management Systems offer a variety of features and benefits that are tailored to meet the specific security needs of each customers.

Who is in your Facility?

Recent events demand the need for greater security which could not be more important than it is today. As a result the public and private sectors recognize the need for additional security and they have identified visitor management as an essential front line protection in controlling and tracking individuals gaining access to their facilities.

Visitor Management Solutions

FAST-PASS 7 is the Industry Leader in Electronic Identity and Visitor Management Systems that rapidly identifies, captures and logs visitors, volunteers, employees and vendors. The FAST-PASS 7 system can cross check Criminal, Sex Offender, and Internal Watch list.


The first impression that will become noticeable is that the new interface is rendered in the form of a web application. The implementation of new web technologies will make the navigation feel more like a native desktop application. This means that every detail has been redesigned using current frameworks with principles in mind for designing a modern-day graphical user interface. Therefore as a result, FAST-PASS 7 does not require any client-side plugins (e.g., Active-X, Adobe Flash, or Microsoft Silverlight) to bring functionality to the web pages.

Sample Badges


Security Visitor Management System ("VMS")

FAST-PASS 7 is a software system that integrates technologies and business rules to identify and credential people within an organization. The combination of hardware and software technologies allow the FAST-PASS 7 system to capture data from official documents, apply business rules, produce badges, generate dynamic reporting for analysis, and send notifications based on activity rules.

Software and Hardware

The extension of hardware components such as cameras allow capturing images and device readers may parse encoded data from government issued documents, then store the data in a secure Microsoft SQL database server, and print a custom badge in black & white or in color.

Process and Credential People

The FAST-PASS 7 system can be customized to process and credential people in organizations that range from commercial buildings, hospital systems, government facilities, law enforcement offices, and school systems. We believe that the new version of FAST-PASS 7 is much more intuitive to use, install, maintain, and will deliver greater flexibility to manage.

The New FP7

If you are familiar with the previous version of FAST-PASS, then you will recognize the availability of the core functionality and we are sure that you will appreciate the enhancements. In particular, an important characteristic inherited into FAST-PASS 7 is the responsive speed and capability of handling thousands of visitors per day, the ability to design custom badges - among others. Additionally, we believe that the new reporting capabilities are far more dynamic and will help a great deal with your business making decision process.

2020 Trade Shows and Events

Tradeshow and Event FAST-PASS 7 and A-PASS

International Security Conference (ISC) West "Booth 6054"

ISC West is THE largest converged security industry trade show in the U.S. At ISC West, you will have the chance to network with over 30,000 security professionals through New Products & Technologies encompassing everything from access control to drones & robotics from over 1,000 Exhibitors & Brands.

Tradeshow and Event FAST-PASS 7 and A-PASS

The International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS), Phoenix Arizona

IAHSS is the only organization solely dedicated to professionals involved in managing and directing security and safety programs in healthcare facilities. IAHSS is a professional association with more than 2,000 members who are healthcare security, law enforcement, safety and emergency management leaders.

Tradeshow and Event FAST-PASS 7 and A-PASS

International Security Conference (ISC) EAST

The International Security Conference & Exposition – also known as ISC East – is the Northeast’s largest security trade show. 7,500+ security and public safety professionals convene in New York each year to meet experts from over 350 leading security brands.

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