The FAST-PASS 7 Visitor Management System is an Enterprise-Level software solution. Therefore, technical support is a critical and essential component, and we provide access to the latest software and quality technical support. SISCO delivers technical support directly from our office and ensures immediate answers to product questions, as well as prompt delivery and scheduling of product installation and upgrades as they become available.

SISCO Support


In some cases, you may want to send us screenshots, log files, or we may need to send you detail instructions or user guides. To ensure your email is read by the next available team member please send emails to

SISCO Support


In other cases, depending on the project scope, such as installations, pilots, or upgrades we can arrange an on-site visit to your facility.

SISCO Support

Phone Support

Customers can easily reach our team for help with Billing, Sales, and Technical inquiries. In case the technical issue requires further investigation, it will be escalated to our advanced technical support team, and a response will be provided via the Help Desk. Support tickets are usually handled within minutes.

SISCO Support

Remote Support

Our remote support tools allow us to remote into a system and have a live chat to troubleshoot the problem. In some cases, in particular for clients across the world this, proves to be a low-cost option rather than phone conversation which is subject to carrier charges and subject to satellite connection reliability and bandwidth.

More About our Remote Support

Due to the nature of the security industry it is critical that problems be addressed in a timely manner. SISCO’s Online Support (SOS) provides interactive support sessions in seconds. Our clients can simply click on a link provided by our technician to obtain live support. This connection allows the SISCO support technician full control of the client’s PC to perform troubleshooting and problem resolution. Problems are solved 75% faster on the first contact, providing a superior level of service for our clients. After you contact one of our support team members, you will be guided to our SISCO

Remote Access Portal

Interactive live support sessions with qualified personnel.

Complete transcript of sessions activity and detail audit trail.

No need for a VPN connection.

No need to change Firewall rules on the clients side.

256-bit AES encryption.

Hyperlink to Device Drivers

Dymo Printers

DYMO Downloads: Software, Drivers & User Guides!

LogiTech Download Camera Drivers

Logitech Downloads: Software, Drivers & User Guides!

LogiTech Download Camera Driver for HD WEBCAM C270

LogiTech Download Camera Driver for HD WEBCAM C270


According to Zebra Support, if you are running the Windows 7 operating system, then you will need to download and install the Zebra USB CDC (USB Communications Device Class) driver. For Windows 7, the Zebra CDC driver will enable the USB virtual serial com port to appear in Windows Device Manager. If you are running Windows 10, then you can simply plug in the device. According to Zebra Support, Windows 10 will provide a CDC USB driver for the reader, but you will still need to scan a series of barcodes to program the reader with specific settings.